Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation

Through her long-standing membership of aiic, (the International Association of Conference Interpreters), Managing Director Christa B. Zander has privileged access to that organisation's worldwide database of peer–reviewed interpreters. Drawing on that unique and invaluable resource, Dialog International GmbH can find you the best qualified local (and thus most cost–effective) interpreters for your specific needs: irrespective of where your meeting is being held – in Munich, Paris, Malta, Reykjavik or in your production facility in a remote area of Spain.

When Dialog International GmbH puts together a team of interpreters, we take account of each colleague's experience of and reputation for language competence in the subject concerned and his or her experience in working in the context concerned: a press conference to announce your annual results, a technical congress on the chemical problems of paper making, an audit visit by finance analysts, a management briefing on a new business strategy or highly confidential one–to–one business negotiations ...

In keeping with our motto – any language, any subject, any place – and depending on the type of interpreting required (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered), Dialog International GmbH can provide you with the highly qualified and experienced conference interpreters most suitable for ensuring that your event is a success.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

In these unprecedented times, we offer you solutions so that your events can still go ahead. In a “virtual” video conference, your trusted team of interpreters operate from a secure hub (in pretty much the usual way) to support your conference so that all of your participants from around the world can still be included.
Let us know when your conference will take place, which languages you need and how many participants you expect, and we will advise you on the best possible configuration, technical requirements, etc. – all using end-to-end encrypted communication.

  • Simultaneous interpreting

    For this interpreting mode, the interpreters work in soundproof booths, which may already be installed at the venue or, if no such facilities are available, are hired and erected on site for the duration of the event. A team of two or three interpreters work in each language booth, taking turns at the microphone on a 30–minute basis. The interpreters "translate" the proceedings into the designated conference languages, and the delegates hear the interpreted proceedings "simultaneously" through a comfortable headset. This interpreting mode overcomes the ubiquitous language barrier and the speaker can address his or her audience almost direct. For the delegates, the interpreters working in their booths are usually invisible – but you will certainly have heard us somewhere.

  • Consecutive interpreting

    For this interpreting mode, the interpreter takes notes as the speaker speaks. When the speaker finishes or, in the event that the speech is lengthy, pauses for the foreign–language rendering, the interpreter uses his or her notes to repeat what has been said in the required language. This interpreting mode is frequently used for dinner speeches, brief reception announcements, welcome/farewell announcements at various events, press conferences, interviews, negotiations, etc.

  • Whispered interpreting

    In this case, the interpreter sits or stands next to or behind the person requiring interpretation and "whispers" what is being said in that person's preferred language. If, subsequently, the delegate concerned makes a spoken contribution to the proceedings, the interpreter interprets the contribution consecutively (see above) for the other delegates. This mode of interpreting is used when only one or, at most, two delegates require interpretation. Its disadvantage for the meeting as a whole is that it always means background noise: the interpreter does not actually "whisper" but in fact speaks at a volume which is just audible for the listener.

    Another form of whispered interpreting uses some basic technical equipment –a wireless infra–red communication system – and is helpful for guided group tours, factory tours and similar. In this case, the interpreter remains physically close to the speaker and interprets what is being said into a microphone. The listeners are equipped with a headset and can hear the interpretation even if they roam several meters away from the speaker or interpreter. This makes the method ideal also for larger groups.