Christa B. Zander began her interpreting career in 1972 working for the Munich Olympic Organizing Committee. Since those early days, she has worked continuously as a freelance conference interpreter and translator. Since 1979, she has been a member of aiic, the International Association of Conference Interpreters (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence), a professional organisation dedicated to promoting professionalism in interpreting services. In her capacity as interpreter, team leader, consultant and, increasingly over time, as organizer in charge of large teams of interpreters plus the necessary technical equipment, she has gathered the invaluable practical experience required to ensure that multi-language events run smoothly.

Dialog International GmbH

Dialog International GmbH was listed in Munich's Commercial Register in January 1997. A founding partner of the company and from the outset its Managing Director, Christa B. Zander works as a consultant interpreter and technical translator, and frequently joins her colleagues at conferences as a member of the interpreting team.

In summer 2011, Anna Lauretta became a partner in Dialog International GmbH and co-Managing Director of the company. Anna Lauretta has been a project manager at Dialog International GmbH since 2006 and also works as a freelance translator and interpreter for Italian.

In other words: Our offices near Munich – dubbed Central Europe's "cosmopolitan city with a heart" – are managed by a highly motivated and committed team of language and technical professionals whose aim is to provide a high-quality service which not only satisfies new clients but also fosters the excellent relations which the company is proud to have built up over the years with many leading industrial corporations and institutions. Because as everyone knows: satisfied customers are the best possible recommendation for any company.

20 years young …

… and proud of what we’ve achieved. Our interpreting and translation services have made successful communication a matter of course for our customers: whether multi-lingual corporate communication in large-scale concerns, the portrayal of small and medium-sized enterprises, or closed-session conferences convened at short notice...

At Dialog International GmbH we‘ve been passionate about ensuring smooth, effective communication between people, cultures and corporations for a full 20 years, implementing the needs of our customers consistently and conscientiously. Looking forward to the next 10 years and beyond, we’ll still be here looking after our existing customers and welcoming new ones with the same enduring enthusiasm and dedication.



In 1972, Christa B. Zander launched her career as a conference interpreter working in the office of the Munich Olympic Organizing Committee.


Ms Zander became a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters aiic (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence)


In January 1997, Dialog International GmbH was entered in the Munich Commercial Register.


Anna Lauretta joined the team, working on project management at Dialog International GmbH and as a freelance translator and interpreter for Italian.


In the summer of 2011, Anna Lauretta became a co-partner of Dialog International GmbH and took on the role of second Managing Director of the company.


Dialog International GmbH celebrates 20 years in the business. The occasion was marked with a change of scene: The office has moved out into the countryside, relocating to Gröbenzell near Munich.


  • Consultant conference interpreter

    A consultant conference interpreter can advise you on the interpreting mode most appropriate for your event and what technical equipment you will need. Consultant conference interpreters have gathered ample experience during their professional careers of the hazards which can be encountered when organising conferences. They will be happy to put this experience to good effect for the benefit of your event.